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Shed some light...

Posted by EliseuCarvalho - March 22nd, 2018

Today I posted on YouTube what would be the best - and most difficult - thing I ever did as a composer. I became so exhausted after the hard work on that song that, instead of writing everything again, I'll just put the video description below:


Before I talk about the song and video, I'd like to ask you something: how is it possible to give new light to a so darkened world? I don't need immediate answers, just think about that. Have you done your part yet?
So I tried to do mine. And the work was immense...
The oldest part of this song is the harmony, which came to me in July/2017. There it was, stored somewhere, while I was busy with other things. So this year I could turn that simple idea into something, but the job was strenuous...
The backing tracks took many days to be finished. First there was the sequencing, that wasn't easy. Then, exporting each track to audio, which cost me all day. Just after, mixing all tracks, setting every detail for each (volume, pan, EQ etc.). The backing tracks were finished only 5 days ago, with 16-hour working days.
Then the solos came in. The work wasn't too difficult this time, but the 1st solo, the melodica one, had to be recorded many times. A short solo that took over 2 hours to be finished, as there was always something happening during the recording - being an acoustic instrument, there's no line connection, it should be captured with a microphone, and there was always some noise midway. The others also demanded many takes each one, but not too many like the 1st one. It was a boring session, but then everything went right.
While I was recording the solos, I also did footage of them. Once more, the melodica solo was the most demanding: I use to capture video with my mobile, but it wasn't possible at the time, as I was running a metronome app on it while I recorded the solo (check out the phones). I had to borrow my dad's mobile for that 1st clip. All the others were captured with my mobile.
To finish the work, I did 2 clips of the Sun and included some pictures whose keyword was "light". It was the same thing I did with "Let There Be Light" - in fact, this song is a sequel of "Let There Be Light".
My inspiration looked like it has no limits while I wrote this, but just after I finished it, I had a strange feeling of inner emptiness... I thought: how could it be? I could never write something like that before, using only keyboards. Could it be possible in other times?
I'm about to say that this is my best work, and I think it's really difficult for me to do something better. I consumed myself in those about 5 minutes that you're listening to right now.


I think I need some rest after working on that song, "Put Light in Your Life", which I posted here today. Then I should refresh my mind before doing anything new.